The Reporting Center

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This job aid describes the process to Find and Run your reports in The Reporting Center.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center.
  2. The list of available reports appear in the middle column of the Reporting Center and are organized by data area and business process.
  3. Hover over the report title to view a brief description of the report.
  4. A window appears with blank prompts/fields where you can customize the results. After setting your prompts, select View Results to run the report.
  5. On the right are a variety of resources for Reporting Center users.
  6. The Query Viewer section allows you to look for queries (reports) by query name as well as access queries that have been labeled as Favorites.
  7. Below Favorites are the reports that have been scheduled (under Report List). A scheduled report provides a snapshot of the data at a particular time that the report is scheduled to run. The Report List is the only section in the Reporting Center that allows you to personalize the Settings option.
  8. In Personalize, you can set the number of reports/timeframe display in your Scheduled Reports list.
  9. Reporting Assistance provides contact information for help when using the Reporting Center, including instructions on how to find and request a new report. There are also links to Training Materials on how to use the Reporting Tools.
  10. To minimize a section you don’t need, select the Settings option (downward-pointing triangle) at the top, right of the section header. Then click Minimize.
  11. To expand a minimized section, click the Settings option button again, then click Expand.
  12. When finished working in the Reporting Center, click on the Main Menu link at the top of the page to go to another page, or click Sign out in the top-right corner of the page.


For questions or assistance, please contact Campus Shared Services IT.


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