Running the What-If Report

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This guide will instruct administrative staff on how to run a What-If report.

The What-If Report is similar to the Academic Progress Report (APR). Advisors run these reports to see what a student’s requirements would be, if a student were to change or add a plan (major/minor), sub-plan (concentration/emphasis) or requirement term(s).
In this example, we will log into CalCentral, lookup a student and then click the What-If Report link in the Advising section. This is the most direct way to view this report.
Note: There is also a What-If link on the front page of CalCentral (on the Advising Resources card), but it is not recommended as there are a couple more steps. 

1. Look up a student in CalCentral.
2. Scroll down to the Advising Resources section on the left.
3. Click the What-If Reports link.
4. When the What-If Report Selection page displays, click the Create New Report button.
5. On the Create What-If Scenario page, the student’s current Requirement term and their Career, Program(s) & Plan(s) will show. Career: Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog Year is the Requirement Term , the semester the student matriculated. It helps determine which requirement groups and requirements to apply
6. We could now change the Career or Catalog Year. We can also change the student’s major or add a second major, add a minor or an emphasis. We could also add a course to see what that would change.
7. In this example, we’ll add a Chicano Studies minor to see what would change. Select the Academic Program (college).
8. We’ve clicked the Area of Study menu to see the choices of majors and minors in the Program (college) we’ve selected.
Note: Undergraduate minors end with the code “UG”. This minor does not have a Concentration, so we will leave that field as defaulted.
9. When all the proposed changes have been entered, click the Submit Request button.
10. The What-If Report displays. It is similar to the APR report, except that it shows the proposed minor and the new requirements.
11. Scrolling down we see the new section containing the requirements for the Chicano Studies minor and which (if any) have been already satisfied.


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