Enroll a Student from a Wait List

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This job aid is for staff members. It describes three options for enrolling a student from a Wait List in to a class. Change the Wait List position to #1 and Run the Wait List, Roster Management and Drop, then enroll/add the student. Be sure to check the Grading Option the student has chosen as the system default is Graded.

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  1. Option 1: Using the enrollment request page Change the Wait List position number to 1 and run the Wait List manually (or wait for the waitlist process to run during its scheduled time.) If there are seat reservations that the student does not meet, staff will need to add the student via Student Specific Permission with appropriate overrides to allow the student to enroll from the waitlist.
    NOTE: Automatic waitlist stops running after end of Friday, 3rd week of instruction for Fall/Spring. Summer automatic waitlist stops after individual summer session enroll/add deadline.
    This option allows for the enrolling/adding specific students from the waitlist while preserving swap actions initiated by the student.
  2. Option 2: Use Roster Management.
    This option is new functionality and can be helpful in cases where you have several students.
  3. Option 3: Drop the student and then enroll them using the enrollment request page.
    This option will inactivate any swap actions the student may have initiated, keeping them in an unwanted class.
  4. BEFORE choosing your preferred Option: Check to see what Grading Option the student has chosen in CalCentral or the Enrollment Summary page (Main Menu: Records and Enrollment>Enrollment Summaries>Enrollment Summary) in Campus Solutions.
    System defaults to Graded and will need to be changed if the student selected any other option.
  5. If the Grading Basis column shows anything other than “Graded” please follow steps 6-12.
    If not, simply follow the instructions in the corresponding job aid for your selected option.
  6. ONLY if you need to change Grading Basis: Navigate to Main Menu: Records and Enrollment> Enroll Students>Enrollment Request.
  7. Enter the student’s ID, Academic Career, and Term and click ADD.
  8. Select Normal Maintenance in the *Action field to change it.
  9. Enter the Class Nbr and Related Class if applicable.
  10. Click the Override box.
  11. Select the Grading Basis magnifying glass and click on the one you want from the Search Results.
  12. Click Submit.
  13. If you receive error messages use the Overrides job aid.


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