How to View Student Swaps

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This job aid instructs staff and advisors on the process for viewing student swaps in CalCentral or Campus Solutions.

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Students can initiate swaps through Cal Central. You can utilize enrollment audit reports through CalCentral or Campus Solutions to view which students are trying to swap into your class and which class they intend to have dropped if they are able to get in.

  1. Sign into CalCentral with your CalNet ID.
  2. On the right side of your dashboard in CalCentral, you will find the Advising Resources card. Click the link for Administrative Transcripts.
  3. Or, from the Main Menu, in Campus Solutions, navigate to: CAL Components>Reporting>Reporting Center.
  4. To search by student scroll down to the SR Enrollment section and Select the Enrollment Audit by ID report .
  5. Enter the student’s ID number or select the spyglass icon to look up a student by name. Also enter the Term. Entering a Class Nbr is optional. Select the View Results button.
  6. Notice that Oski Bear has a “Swap” in place for ECON 1, Class Nbr 14421. On row 3 of the results, under “Drop if Enrolled,” you can find the class number for the class that Oski wishes to be dropped from, should he get into class number 14421. You can also see which secondary sections are being swapped in the “Related 1” and “Related 2” columns.
  7. To search by class scroll down to the SR Enrollment section and select on the Enrollment Audit by Class report.
  8. Enter the Term, Subject and Catalog Nbr. Entering a Section or Class Nbr is optional but very helpful in narrowing your results.
    NOTE: If the class or class section is large, it may take a few minutes to display your results.
  9. Select the View Results button.
  10. The same columns show the “Swap” action and the involved class numbers as in the search by ID. A benefit of this report is that you can find all of the students trying to swap into your class by using the “Download results in: Excel Spreadsheet,” located below the View Results button, and filter the spreadsheet to find swaps.


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