Roster Management

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This job aid instructs staff on the process for dropping multiple students who are enrolled or waitlisted in a class and/or enrolling multiple students from a waitlist.

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If you want to do one of the following:

  • Enroll multiple student who are not on the waitlist
  • Change secondary sections for multiple students
  • Drop multiple students with overrides

Please use the Block Enroll job aid instead.

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Cal Components > Student Records > Enrollment > Roster Management.
  2. Enter the Term code and Class Number and select Search. Use the magnifying glass to search for a class if you don't know the class number. Make sure your *Class Type is an "Enrollment Section." It will not work using a non-Enrollment Section.
  3. From the Action drop down menu select "Drop" or "Enroll from waitlist". If you are dropping students, follow steps 4-8. If you are enrolling students from the waitlist, follow steps 9-15.
  4. If you are dropping students, select "Drop". The class Roster will appear. Notice the "Submit to Drop" button is greyed out. Once you select the students you wish to drop by checking the box by their name, it will become active.
    Column Decription:
    Pos = Waitlist position number
    Terms = # of terms attended
    RelClass1 = related class # (only appears if a related class exists)
    E/W = Shows enrollment status (enrolled or waitlisted)
  5. You can select to view Enrolled, Waitlisted, or both types of students. You can also sort a column by selecting on the column head.
    To Personalize column visibility and sorting:

    Use the Personalize button at the top right of the table to sort up to 3 column heads to create a custom 3 tiered sort order.
    When a column head is clicked, that sort preference is saved as a personalized setting by Campus Solutions.
    Undo the preference by clicking the personalization button, or clicking another column head.
    A saved preference for showing or hiding columns can be set by clicking the personalization button at the top of the table

  6. Place a check in the box next to each student you wish to drop and select the "Submit to Drop" button.
  7. The page will then display the Status of your actions under Summary on the right side of the page.
  8. Make sure to select the View Updated Roster button. This serves as a "refresh" button and displays the new class roster including your recent changes. Notice the E/W status has changed to D for Dropped.

          Key to E/W column:
          E = Enrolled
          W = Waitlisted
          D = Dropped
          LD = Late Drop
          You can see this by hovering over the letter (E,W,D,LD).

  1. If you are enrolling students from Waitlist, select "Enroll from Waitlist". The class Roster will appear. Notice the "Submit to Enroll" button is greyed out. Once you select the students you wish to enroll by checking the box by their name, it will become active.
    NOTE: If there are no students on the Waitlist you will see this message "No waitlisted student found to be enrolled"
  2. If you receive error message in the Status column, click on the message to see the details.
  3. Depending of the error reason, you may be able to use the override boxes to successfully enroll the students.
    See Enrollment Overrides for more detailed information regarding override usage.
  4. Check the appropriate Override box(es) if the error(s) received are applicable.
  5. Select Submit to Enroll.
  6. If successful the status will change to Enrolled. If errors persist you may have to manually override enrollment using the Enrollment Overrides job aid. 
  7. Select View Updated Roster to view updated roster/your changes.


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