Swap Sections for a Student

This job aid is for staff members. It describes how to use the Enrollment Request page to “swap” Enrollment or Non-Enroll class sections for a student.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Records and Enrollment >Enroll Students>Enrollment Request.
  2. On the following search page, only use the Add a New Value tab. Enter a Student ID or use the look up magnifying glass to search for a student by name. Also enter the student’s Academic Career, the Academic Institution, and the Term.
  3. Select Swap Courses from the Action drop list.
  4. First, enter the Class Nbr for the currently enrolled Enrollment section (primary) or search for it using the look up magnifying glass.
    The class information will appear to the right of this field when you hit the tab key or click elsewhere on this page.
    To Swap Non-Enroll sections (i.e.- switch a discussion or lab, while keeping the same lecture):
  5. Enter the same Class Nbr in the Change To field.
  6. Enter the different class number for the new Non-Enroll (secondary) section in the Related Class 1 field.
  7. Select the Submit button (upper right).
    To Swap Enrollment sections (i.e.- switch a lecture section):
  8. Enter the new class number in the Change To field.
  9. In the Related Class 1 field, enter the class number for the Non-Enroll section the student was already in, or you can change this section at the same time.
  10. Select the Submit button.
    To return to the search page to process another student, click Enrollment Request on the top menu bar or click the Add button at the bottom of the page.


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