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This job aid instructs staff how to use class permissions functionality in Campus Solutions.

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Class Permission Numbers are used when students are approved to enroll despite not meeting certain restrictions, requirements (such as instructor/department consent), reserved seat qualifications, or career standing (UGRD to GRAD class). 

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Records and Enrollment>Term Processing >Class Permissions >Class Permissions.
  2. Under Search Criteria, use the look up table or enter the Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr of the class you would like to edit.
  3. Select Search

    WARNING: Permission numbers must be generated on the Enrollment section(s) of the class. This will cover any required Non-Enrollment section(s). 
    The Class Permissions page displays the sections of your class in order of the Class Nbr and not by the Class Section number.

  4. This page defaults to show the Permission to Add tab. 
    Use the arrow buttons to find the Enrollment section(s). Or, select Find and enter the enrollment section number. Select OK.
  5. Set appropriate Defaults before generating Permission Numbers.

    Closed Class – This will allow an override on any Requirement Group restrictions. It also creates the potential to override your total enrollment cap for the Enrollment and/or any Non-Enroll class sections. Be careful.
    Requisites Not Met – This is not in use yet. In the future, it will allow enrollment for a student who has not met the required requisites for a class.
    Consent Required – This must be checked when you have changed the Add Consent field for the class to Dept or Instr Consent. 
    Career Restriction – Check this box to allow Undergrads to enroll in Grad classes.
    Permission Time Period Not used for UCB enrollment process. 
    The default Expiration Date can be changed to a date of your choosing. Then, under Permission Valid For, select restriction overrides for the permission numbers you are about to generate. Later, you can change any of these settings for an individual permission number (e.g.- extend the expiration date).

    NOTE: Permissions will not override a student’s time conflict.

  6. Enter the quantity of permission numbers you wish to create and select the Generate button.
  7. Select the SAVE button at the bottom of the page immediately after generating any new permission numbers. These permission numbers are now ready to be distributed to students.

After selecting SAVE, you can download this data to excel by selecting the blue and white, grid icon with the small red arrow.

NOTE: Seats are not saved when creating Class Permission Numbers, so do not generate more Permission Numbers than the total class capacity.


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