Use Student Specific Permissions

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This job aid is for staff members. Student Specific Permissions are used when a class is set to Dept/Inst Consent, Enrollment Permission Only, or when permission is granted for specific students (who otherwise would not qualify) to enroll in a class.

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  1. Navigate to: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes. “Check” the Student Specific Permissions checkbox on the Basic Data tab (separately for each Enrollment section, if needed). Select Save.
  2. Navigate through the Main Menu to: Records and Enrollment>Term Processing>Class Permissions>Class Permissions.
  3. This page defaults to show the Permission to Add tab. Make sure the  first section displayed in the Class Type field is an Enrollment Section. If the first section displayed is a “Non-Enroll” section, use the arrow buttons on the right to find the Enrollment Section(s)
    Note the checkmark by Student Specific Permissions. You cannot check and uncheck this button on this page. You can only change it by going back to the Basic Data tab in Maintain Schedule of Classes.
  4. In the Defaults section, select only the restriction(s) the permission will override for the student. For example, classes set to Dept/Inst. Consent, select the Consent Required box.

    Closed Class – This will allow an override on any Requirement Group restrictions. It also creates the potential to override your total enrollment cap for the Enrollment and/or any Non-Enroll class sections. Be careful.
    Requisites Not Met – This is not in use yet. In the future, it will allow enrollment for a student who has not met the required requisites for a class.
    Consent Required – This must be checked when you have changed the Add Consent field for the class to Dept or Instr Consent.
    Career Restriction – Check this box to allow Undergrads to enroll in Grad classes.
    Permission Time Period – Not used for UCB enrollment process.
    If you want to work on a different class component, click the Return to Search button at the bottom of the page to enter new search criteria.
    The Class Permissions page displays the sections of your class in order of the Class Nbr and not by the Class Section number.
    Assigning Student Specific Permissions on the Enrollment section(s) of the class will cover any required Non-Enrollment section(s). Use the arrow on the far right of the Class Section Data section to find the appropriate Enrollment Section.

  5. In the Defaults section of the page, you can also change the Expiration Date to a date of your choosing.
    NOTE: Permissions will not override a student’s time conflict.
  6. Since the Student Specific Permissions box is checked, the Generate button is now greyed out/disabled.
  7. Enter a student ID number in the ID field. You can also use the look up icon to search for a student by name.
  8. Select the plus button to add new rows to enter additional students.
  9. Select the SAVE button at the bottom of the page when finished.


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