Change a Student’s Grading Basis

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This job aid describes the process for changing a student's grading basis.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Records and Enrollment >Enroll Students>Enrollment Request.
  2. On the following search page, only use the Add a New Value tab. Enter a Student ID or use the look up table to search for a student by name. Also enter the student’s Academic Career, the Academic Institution, and the Term.
  3. Select Normal Maintenance from the Action drop list.
  4. Enter the Class Nbr of the Enrollment (primary) section or search for the class using the look up. The Grading Basis will automatically be changed for any Non-Enrollment (secondary) sections.
  5. Click the Grading Basis look up icon to open the Look up Grading Basis table. Do not check the override checkbox on the left for Grading Basis. NOTE: Your choices of grading options on the look up table are determined by how your class is set up in the Academic Guide.
  6. Select the new Grading Basis.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. The Status will change to “Success” after clicking the Submit button. 


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