How to View Class Rosters and Waitlists

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This job aid will instruct staff on the process for viewing class rosters and waitlists in SIS Campus Solutions.

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You can view the Class Roster and Waitlist for each section of a class once one student is enrolled in a class section.

NOTE: If you have a waitlist with zero students enrolled, you will need to go to the Reporting Center and run the “Enrollments by Class” report. The search criteria includes the ability to view “Waitlist Only” or “Include Waitlist” with your results.

  1. Begin by navigating to the Class Roster: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Class Roster > Class Roster.
  2. Enter your class search criteria. On this page, you can search by Subject Area and Catalog Nbr or by Class Nbr.
  3. Select the Search button.
  4. Choose the Class Section number for the roster you wish to view.
  5. This roster will show enrolled students. The table will display additional information for each student such as their Program and Plan.
  6. On the Enrollment Status drop list, you can choose to view “Waiting” or “All.”
  7. The Waitlist shows each student’s position number.
    The students on a waitlist for a main Enrollment section (e.g.- LEC), may be reflective of the student’s waitlist status on a Non-Enroll section (e.g.- DIS or LAB).


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