Schedule a Report

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This job aid is for staff. It details the steps for scheduling a report to be sent to your email or Campus Solutions folder. 

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Create a Run Control

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Reporting Tools>Query>Schedule Query
  2. Select Add a New Value
    1. To find an existing run control select the Search box to retrieve it.
  3. Name your Run Control ID

    Best practices for naming a Run Control:
    If report = UCCS_R_GRAD_DEGREE_LIST name it UCCS_R_GRAD_DEGREE_LIST or department with report name: “Math_UCCS_R_GRAD_DEGREE_LIST or
    your name/initials with report name: KAM_UCCS_R_GRAD_DEGREE_LIST

    Be consistent with your run control names to easily identify them to check and/or cancel in the future.

  4. Select Add
  5. Enter or Search Query Name
  6. Select the Query you want
  7. Fill in any prompts requested and Select OK
  8. Enter a *Description if it didn’t autofill.
  9. Select Save

To Run the process

  1. Select Run
  2. Select OK

To Create the Process Scheduler Request

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu > Reporting Tools>Query>Schedule Query. Find and Run the process you wish to schedule.  
  2. Set Run Date, Run Time and Recurrence (if using a recurrence, the run date can still be specified, but the run time will be grayed out/defaulted to the time configured with the recurrence.
  3. Set the output Type (web or email) and Format (.xls, .txt, .pdf, etc.)
  4. Set Distribution
    1. If output Type =Web, use Distribute To section only. Specify IDs of users who should get access to output in Report Manager. Defaults to person running the process (you).
    2. If output Type=Email
    3. Specify Email Subject line and Message Text (body)
    4. Enter recipient Email Addresses separated by semicolons.
  5. Select OK to kick off the process.
    1. Report will be sent to your email if Type chosen was “Email”.
    2. Report will display in screen below is Type chosen was “Web”.

To Cancel a report

  1. Navigate to: Main Menu >People Tools>Process Scheduler>Process Monitor
    Complete the User ID, Date Range desired and Run Status = Queued fields to find your next scheduled report. Select Refresh.
  2. Navigate to the report you want to cancel and click Details.
  3. Click Cancel Request
  4. Click OK

The process in now cancelled and will no longer run.

Best Practices and Notes:

  • Cancel only your own requests/run controls.
  • Cancel reports that are no longer needed.
  • If your report is for a specific term, student population, or date, you will need to update the parameters for the new term/student population, or the data will be outdated.
  • When to set up a report?
    Once - use future effective date (known date a report is needed, or if going on vacation, sending to multiple staff)
    Recurring – Specific day or week/time
  • If a Campus Solutions upgrade occurs, all reports will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled.
  • What data is required to schedule a report?
    Fields are required if *asterisked and optional if not. This affects the report display.


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