SIS Job Aids

Revising Posted Award Entry

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This job aid will cover the process of revising a batch entry that has already been approved and posted by making a copy of the entry and then updating the copy.

There are many revisions you can make to an award, but the two most common revisions are: changing the amount a student receives and/or changing the funding source.

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PATH: Main Menu > CAL Components > Financial Aid > Award Entry...

How to View Payments

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process of viewing payments.

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The View Payments component displays all payments, financial aid, waivers, deposits and write-offs posted to a Customer Account. Additionally, there are tabs which show the how the payments were allocated and any reference numbers posted in the transaction.

Navigate to the View Payments page. Main Menu > Student...

How to View Returned SIR Deposit

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The purpose of this job aid is to provide staff with the steps to view if the SIR deposit payment has been ‘returned’ in Campus Solutions

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Follow the steps below to verify if a SIR deposit payment has returned. The menu options displayed in this step-by-step guide may vary from yours depending on your security access and functions.

From the Main Menu, navigate to: Student Financials...

How to View Grades in CalCentral

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This guide shows students how to view grades in CalCentral.

During the semester: Students can access grades with the GPA calculator in CalCentral. To do this, select the appropriate term from the semester card and look at the GPA calculator. Students’ grades are displayed when they are posted, however, please be patient: in some cases, grades may take up to one day to appear after posting.

After the semester: Final grades will appear on the Semesters card in CalCentral.

For more information:...

Graduation Tracking for L&S Undergraduate Major Advisors

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This job aid explains the process for using the graduation tracking pages to approve students for graduation.

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Navigation: CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center

1. Navigate to Graduation Tracking for Advisors
Go to the Reporting Center. In the list of reports, AA Advising section, Graduation folder,...

GT eForm SIM degree and EGT change

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This job aid instructs staff how to add an approver before approving the eForm. This is a temporary fix until an automated solution is implemented.

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Navigate to: Main Menu>GT eForms Work Center. Select Add Academic Program/Plan Form under Student section. Enter the Student ID under Student Information or use the magnifying glass to search. Press Tab; student’s information...

Concurrent Enrollment Application

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This job aid describes process for approving or denying Concurrent Enrollment Applications in CalCentral.

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How to Process a Concurrent Enrollment Application

All student applications are simultaneously submitted to the instructor and designate reviewers at the department chair and/or dean level (as applicable). If the class also requires enrollment into secondary sections...

Export Class Roster for Instructors

This job aid describes how instructors can access and download a class roster.

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Log in to CalCentral using your CalNet ID and passphrase. Navigate to My Academics > Teaching and select the appropriate class. Select...

Adding a New Run Control for BI Publisher

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This job aid demonstrates how to set up a Run Control for the purpose of producing a BI Publisher report. BI Publisher reports, using Query Report Scheduler, require the use of a Run Control, which is a slightly different process than using PS Query. The Run Control configuration is an essential step in generating a report, as a run control can be used time and again—with minor changes, if necessary—to generate a BI Publisher report.

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Academic Change of Program/Plan eForm and Routing

This job aid describes the eForm process to add, drop or change an Academic Program, Plan, Designated emphasis or Subplan and the routing of the eForm once submitted.

1. Log in to CalCentral using your CalNet ID and passphrase. Select eForms WorkCenter from the list of Advising Resources.

2. Under the Student heading, click on Add Academic Program/Plan eForm.

3. You arrive at the Add a Request window.
Note: The student ID is input manually or through the Look Up...