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UC Berkeley’s students can access all of their key student information through a single point-of-entry: CalCentral(link is external). This page contains useful information on advising, billing, enrollment, financial aid, and records within CalCentral.

CalCentral Information



The Student Information Systems organization provides a number of campuswide advising tools to support students and advisors, including a multi-year “Academic Planner,” the ability to schedule appointments online, and an academic progress report.

To Know

  • “Advising Holds” can be removed by academic advisors.

  • “Schedule Planner” helps you create an optimal semester schedule based on your class preferences and scheduling conflicts.

  • “Shared Advising Notes” have been added to facilitate better communication for improved service to students.

  • A multi-year “Academic Planner” is available so you can work with your advisor to create a multi-year class plan.

  • The “Academic Progress Report” (APR) will allow you and your advisor to track progress toward your degree.

To Do

  • Go to CalCentral and click on your profile picture to view and act on any holds or critical notifications. “Notifications” may include a request to make an “Advising Appointment.”

  • Create your class schedule with Schedule Planner.

  • Check your “Academic Progress Report” throughout the year to see your progress toward graduation, outstanding requirements, etc.

  • Work with your advisor to create and populate your Academic Planner.

  • Consult with your advisor if you have questions. 

Billing & Finances

Students can use the My Finances tab in CalCentral for billing activities, including viewing new charges, account balances, transaction history, and paying bills.

Students who wish to delegate access to view and pay bills to a trusted individual (such as a parent or guardian), use the link on My Finances to grant authorization to a delegate.

For more information on Delegated Access, please view our video on YouTube.

To Know

  • Tuition and registration fees will only be assessed to students who are enrolled in at least 1 class unit.
  • Failure to make sufficient payment toward tuition/fees will result in an administrative drop from all class enrollment.
  • You can pay university bills online by eCheck at no cost, with a credit card for a 2.75% convenience fee, or with foreign currency through Western Union wire transfer.  Paper checks may be mailed.  For more information on payment options please visit:
  • Eligible students will have the option to sign up for the “Tuition and Fee Payment Plan” (FPP). Through FPP, you will be able to pay your fees in five installments; an additional fee will apply.
  • You will be able to sign-up for "Direct Deposit" to have refunds directly deposited into your bank account (recommended).  For more information on Direct Deposit please visit:
  • Balances overdue 60 days or more will result in a hold on your account, which could prevent you from adding classes or having access to other Berkeley services.  Late fees may apply.  For more information on delinquent accounts please visit:

To Do

  • If you wish to grant access to a trusted individual to view and pay your bills, you can give them permission via “Delegated Access” in CalCentral.
  • View billing information in the My Finances “Billing Summary” section.
  • View and search your transaction history using the My Finances “Details” link.
  • Submit a payment online by following the links on the My Finances “Billing Summary” or “Details” pages.
  • Sign up for FPP (optional) once your fees are billed in CalCentral.
  • Enroll in Direct Deposit (recommended) 


The UC Berkeley class enrollment process is done with CalCentral. For more information, view the SIS Enrollment FAQs page.

Graduate and Professional Students

For information regarding deadlines and policies, visit the Office of the Registrar website.

Undergraduate Student Enrollment

To Know

  • Swap Function
    “Swap” can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping rather than dropping and then adding, you ensure that you will not give up your spot in one class and be unable to enroll in the other. See The "Swap" Function document.
  • Course Level Restriction Enforced in the System
    Undergraduate students cannot enroll in graduate-level courses via CalCentral with permission. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in taking a graduate course, please consult with your advisor to find out if your department will grant permission for you to enroll in that class.
  • Final Exam Schedule
    Final exam schedules are not displayed with the schedule of classes. Students will receive information about exams later in the term. Note: If you don’t have a conflict between scheduled classes, it is likely that you will not have a conflict within your exam schedule.
  • Enrollment Appointment Priority
    Enrollment appointment priority is assigned based on the number of terms completed, not units. Transfer students join UC Berkeley with a four-term credit. 

To Do

  • Create your class schedule with “Schedule Planner.”
  • Check your enrollment and waitlist status on the CalCentral “Dashboard.”
  • Search and add classes directly to your “Shopping Cart,” or import your plan from “Schedule Planner.”
  • Work with your advisor to create and populate your “Academic Planner.”
  • Go to CalCentral and click on your profile picture to view and act on any holds or critical notifications. Notifications may include the need for you to pay your bill.

For further assistance, contact Cal Student Central.

Financial Aid

Students can access their financial aid information under the My Finances section of CalCentral. This includes all financial assistance information (such as financial aid awards, scholarships, grants, fellowships, etc.) and loan management functions.

To Know

  • Under the “Tasks” section of “Communications” within My Finances, you will see items that require your attention, such as submitting required documents, loan entrance counseling, or uploading optional documents.
  • Under the “Messages” section of “Communications” within My Finances, you will view information, such as important deadlines, disbursement notices, scholarship opportunities, etc.

For more information, visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website or Cal Student Central.


Students can access their records through CalCentral. These records include transcripts, grades, holds, academic standing, residency, profile information, classes, enrollment appointments, credit evaluation, and exam schedules.

To Know

  • Information about graduation, transfer credit, and transcripts will be available in CalCentral.

To Do

  • Go to “Profile” in CalCentral to view and update contact information and preferred name.

  • View GPA, college, units and standing.

  • Under the “Semester” section, view past, current, and upcoming classes and grades; order transcript and books; and calculate GPA.

  • “Status” and “Holds”: check residency, academic standing, and Holds reasons. Note: Not all Holds can be removed. Consult with your advisor for more information.