SIS Job Aids

Job aids and quick guides are step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish certain tasks in CalCentral and SIS Campus Solutions.

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Academic Change of Program/Plan eForm and Routing
Academic Plan Change eForm: Graduate Students
Academic Progress Report (APR) Exceptions
Academic Progress Report (APR) View
Access a Student’s External Documents in CalCentral
Add a Minor
Add an Acad Plan eForm
Advancement to Candidacy Committee eForm
Advising Appointments
Advising Resources
Approving a Withdrawal Request Form
Assign Advisors to Students
Batch Major Declare
Batch Service Indicators
Booking an Advising Appointment (As a Student)
Change of Higher Ed Committee eForm
Change Student Course Load
Evaluate an Acad Plan CPP eForm
Filing Fee Status
Graduation Tracking for L&S Undergraduate Major Advisors
GSAO Homepage
GT eForm SIM degree and EGT change
How Graduate Students View an Academic Progress Report (APR)
How to Batch Access Administrative Transcripts
How to Manage Your Appointments with Advisors
How to View an Administrative Transcript
In Absentia
Looking up Students in CalCentral
Manage Advisor Assignments
Managing Advising Appointments (Front Desk Staff)
Parental Leave
Place and Release Service Indicators
Qualifying Exam Committee eForm
Qualifying Exam Report eForm
Running the Class Enrollment Report
Running the Concise Class Report
Running the Reserve Capacities Report for a Class
Running the What-If Report
Scheduling a Query in Query Viewer
Update an Acad Plan eForm
Updating Institution for Exceptions
View a Student’s Emergency Contacts
View and Enter Milestones
View as in CalCentral
Waitlisting via the Shopping Cart